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Learn how to use a proven process, powerful Zoho CRM sales technology, and tested time management concepts to get organized, get focused, and close more sales — with less time, effort, stress, and anxiety.

What You Will Learn

How to Use a PROVEN Sales Operating System to Close More Business

The most successful small business owners and sales professionals share one thing in common.  They have and use a well-designed sales operating system that produces predictable and consistent results.  I’ll teach you the practices and principles and how to design and use one for your business or territory.

How to Use Sales Technology to Get More Done with Time and Effort

The most successful small business owners and sales professionals understand and exploit the concept of leverage.  And, one of the best ways to leverage your time is through the use of technology.  I will teach you how to use the RIGHT technology the RIGHT way to double or even triple your sales productivity.

How to Leverage Time Management Best Practices to Get Organized and Focused

We all have the same 24 hours in a given day.  Why is it, then, some people seem to get much done?  They have learned how to effectively manage and control their time.  I’ll teach you the concepts used by the most successful small business owners and sales professionals to dramatically increase their productivity and reduce anxiety and stress.

Sales Process/Sales Operating System

The most successful small business owners and sales professionals all have one thing in common:  they have a system.  So, if you want to improve your sales production, you might consider one, too.  As one of my customers, you will learn how to use a PROVEN sales operating system designed to consistently and systematically close more new business and nearly automatically generate repeat business and referrals.  It’s a system I have developed as a result of 35+ years of experience and work with 100+ customers.  Here is some of what you’ll learn (there is a whole lot more):

  • How to collect, organize, qualify incoming leads so that nothing falls through the cracks and so that you know your best source of high-quality prospects.
  • How to systematically and effectively follow-up with, nurture, hold attention, and educate your prospects about why they should buy from you — and ONLY you — until are ready to buy
  • How to when and how to engage in a very focused, very purposeful, and very effective, low-pressure sales conversation with you your ready-to-buy prospects to convert them into buying customers
  • How to WOW your new customers and ensure satisfaction during the delivery/fulfillment stage of the customer journey that practically ensures they will become loyal, long-term repeat customers.
  • How to systematically and consistently generate repeat business and referrals from your existing customer base.

Supported Sales Technologies

While there are many very good sales and marketing productivity technologies, tools, and platforms, I limit the technologies and tools around which to help my customers leverage and manage their time and effort.  These are the various tools you and your team may learn how to use — depending on your needs and situation:

  • Zoho CRM – Customer Relationship/Sales Process/Task Management
  • Zoho Campaigns – Automated Email/Social Media Marketing
  • Zoho Sign – Electronic Signature Management
  • Zoho Bookings and Calendly – Online appointment scheduling
  • Zoho Meetings/Zoom/Google Meet – Virtual meeting platforms
  • Zoho WorkDrive/Google G Suite/Egnyte – Cloud-based storage and document management
  • Zoho Projects – Project management
  • Zoho Desk – Customer Service/Help Desk management
  • Zoho Meetings/Zoom – virtual meeting and webinar platform
  • Nuance Dragon© – speech recognition  platform

Learn How to Use the RIGHT Technology the RIGHT Way

Technology only has value when it is used and used properly to enable, automate, and manage your sales and marketing processes.  As one of my customers, you will learn how to use the most common and most powerful sales technologies — and you’ll learn how to use them correctly.   You will learn how to use the RIGHT technology the RIGHT way to:

  • Lead Collection – how to capture and ensure that each and every lead that comes your way — from any source — is collected and acted upon in a timely manner
  • Effective Follow-Up – how to follow-up with and stay engaged with and develop your prospects until they are ready to buy
  • Lead Development – how to effectively develop your prospects in a manner so that they come to the conclusion that they should buy what you sell and that they should ONLY buy it from you
  • Task/Time management – how to get and keep control of your time and stay on top of everything — no matter how crazy things get — without stress and without losing sleep worrying about all you have to do
  • Management Metrics/Reports – how to use the RIGHT metrics to manage your sales process from beginning to end  so that you always know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to hit your sales targets
  • Sales Process/Sales Management – how to successfully advance sales opportunities and turn more ready to buy prospects into new customers — more consistently, more quickly, and with less stress
  • Automated Email/Social Media Marketing – how to design and execute effective and efficient automated email and social media campaigns to generate and develop leads, and increase repeat business and referrals
  • Paperless/Document Management – how to create and use an effective and efficient, paperless document management system to reduce the chaos, time, effort, and frustration associated with keeping track of and finding various documents associated with your customers and sales opportunities
  • Speech Recognition – how to use speech recognition technology to reduce time and effort
  • Project Management – how to ensure flawless fulfillment of your engagements
  • Electronic Signatures – how to set up and use electronic signature software to streamline your sales process
  • Automated Appointment Scheduling – how to use online appointment scheduling software to streamline and reduce time associated with scheduling/rescheduling appointments
  • Virtual Meeting – how to set up and use virtual meeting software; best practices to maximize effectiveness and efficiency

Time Management

It’s a fact.  We all have exactly the same amount of time on a given day.  So, why is it that some people seem to have more of it?  How do they get more done?  The answer is simple.  They use their time more effectively.  How do they do that?  They have learned to use effective time management concepts.  As my customer, you will how to use the sales operating system, sales and marketing technology, and  these time management concepts to:

  • Take control of your time and avoid interruptions
  • Organize your work to ensure that the most important things — on any given day — always get done
  • Focus your efforts so you get more done in any given period of time
  • Develop and maintain a plan so that you always know exactly what needs to done and when it needs to be done to eliminate time lost thinking about what’s next or running in circles

How My Training/Mentoring Works

PRIVATE Training/Coaching/Mentoring

  • I train/mentor you and/or your team on a private basis.
  • While I teach and mentor on a wide variety of topics, the training/mentoring I do with you is specific to what you want and need to know to accomplish your objectives.
  • All Training/mentoring is conducted live but virtually — using a secure, web-based meeting platform.
  • We jointly develop a curriculum that is tailored to your needs and budget.
  • We meet on a regular basis — based on your need, availability, and budget — to work through your custom curriculum
  • All of our sessions are recorded and made available for you to download and save for future reference.
  • There is no minimum commitment or advanced payment required — you pay as you go — one session at a time.  We work together for as long as it makes sense to do so.

GROUP Training/Coaching/Mentoring

COMING SOON!  – A curriculum of affordable, high-impact GROUP courses.

As a member of a learning group you will:

  • Learn and apply the course materials as part of a group of 8-10 other business owners – each session includes a learning component to learn the content and a workshop to learn how to apply the concept
  • Work through a predefined curriculum for the course in which you are enrolled
  • Learn at a reduced cost

Stay tuned for course availability!

Why My Customer Choose Me to Help Them

Deeply Experienced/First-Hand Knowledge

I’ve been working with and teaching business owners and sales teams how to design and use CRM technology-enabled sales and marketing business processes for nearly 30 years.  I’ve gotten pretty good at teaching people how to use this type of technology.  And, I’ve been a user of Zoho sales and marketing technology products — in my own business — for nearly a decade.  So, I know the products — what they CAN do AND what they CAN’T do

Affordable.  Pay as You Go.

My training and coaching fees are very reasonable.  There are no contracts or commitments. My customers pay as they go.  Work with me for as long as you want or need.

Focused. Flexible. Customized.

My training and coaching is customized for each customer and their specific needs — including their budget.  My customers determine what THEY want and need to learn. They pay only for what they need and for what they can afford.

Technology AND Business Expertise and Experience

I know technology.  I am a software engineer with deep expertise and experience designing technology-enabled business processes.  I know business.  As a successful small business owner for more than 30 years, I have used technology to increase revenue, reduce costs, and create a competitive advantage in my own businesses.  When you hire me, you get an experienced small business owner who knows how to use and teach others how to use technology to solve business problems.

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NO PRESSURE Discovery Call

Schedule a complimentary discovery call for you to determine IF/HOW we should work together or not.  We’ll learn more about you and your situation and we’ll share what we do and how we do it.  Then, together, we’ll determine next steps — if any.  And, we promise — NO PRESSURE