Speech recognition technology can do much more than most people realize. Learn how you can use it to reduce time and effort and boost sales productivity.

Are you looking for ways to reduce sales stress?  Are you a small business owner or professional salesperson who is feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or out of control?  Are you having difficulty getting traction, staying focused, moving sales opportunities to a close?  These 5 strategies may help.

Missed hand-offs cause dropped balls. Dropped balls lead to poor customer service, and decreased profitability and cash flow. In this article, I explain what hand-offs are and how to make sure that your hand-offs are faster, smoother, and successful.

A simple 6 step, highly effective technique that you can use anywhere, anytime to immediately reduce stress and anxiety in seconds. Use this technique and become much calmer and much more effective — no matter what your day throws at you.

It’s critical for a business to increase repeat business.  Its the fastest and easiest way to increase revenues and profits. Yet, when I mention CRM to small business owners or sales professionals, their first thoughts or questions nearly always pertain to lead generation or sales process.  Those are important things. But, there is another HUGE and critically IMPORTANT function that your CRM system should be leveraged to do. It should be leveraged to enable, enforce, and manage a process I call the Customer Development process.

A high percentage of CRM implementations fail to produce the results and/or ROI intended and/or envisioned by the businesses that implement them.

The Quest to Shorten The Sales Cycle I'm constantly working on how to shorten my sales cycle.  You should be, too.  Here's a lesson I learned many years ago that saved me from spending countless hours chasing sales opportunities that had a low probability of resulting in an order — at least in the short [...]

I’ve studied and applied many small business strategies over the past 30+ years in my work as small business development consultant.  In that time, I’ve found that these are the 3 small business strategies that are shared by nearly all of the most successful small businesses.