Small Business Growth Strategies: Top 3 Used By Successful Small Businesses

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I am a big believer in follow-the-leader strategies.  Figure out what the leaders in a chosen field are doing, then do what they do.  When it comes to small business growth strategies, the most successful small businesses share 3 small business growth strategies in common.  So, if you want to build a successful business, follow the leaders.  Consider putting these 3 strategies — used by small business leaders — to work in your business:

Small Business Growth Strategies

Niche Focus

As a small business owner your resources are limited — time, money, energy, etc.  You have to get the most of what you have.   One way to do that is to build a business that caters to a well defined niche market.  A niche market defines people and/or business that share demographics, want and/or needs, and psychographics (values, world view, belief system) in common.  Marketing to a specific niche maximizes the impact of those limited resources.

Business Growth Engine:  A CRM Enabled Business Operating System

When you know who your niche is — who they are, what they want and need, and what they value, the most successful small business owners design and implement a Business Growth Engine. A Business Growth Engine is a technology enabled business operating system turns incoming leads generated by marketing activities (referrals, networking, advertising, trade shows, lists, etc.) into loyal customers who buy repeatedly and generate referrals.  It does this by:

  • Effectively and efficiently converting a high percentage of prospects into new customers
  • PROFITABLY delivering its products/services — in a way that is highly valued by their niche (a WOW buying experience)
  • Developing and maintaining a relationship with customers — encouraging repeat business and referrals

Marketing/Sales Strategy

Once you know your niche — you know who they are, what they want, what they value — and you have designed a Business Growth Engine to PROFITABLY convert leads into customers,  provide those things to that niche, your then develop and execute a sales strategy.  The sales strategy defines your sales message — to get and hold the attention of your niche audience. And, it defines the methods you will use to deliver that message.

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So, if you are looking for If you want to learn more about these small business strategies and how they work, check out this FREE webinar. You’ll learn what these are and why they work.

Author: Michael Bitter

Michael Bitter is a small business sales and marketing process consultant, coach, and mentor with 30+ years of experience building — and teaching others how to build and use — CRM enabled sales and marketing systems to generate more and higher-quality leads, turn more leads into closed business, grow your customer base, and increase repeat business and referrals.

His passion — and the purpose behind is work — is teaching and helping small business owners how to build more successful businesses.   He does by teaching them how to implement and use Zoho CRM to enable a Business Growth Engine™ for their business and/or sales territories.