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Missed hand-offs cause dropped balls. Dropped balls lead to poor customer service, and decreased profitability and cash flow. In this article, I explain what hand-offs are and how to make sure that your hand-offs are faster, smoother, and successful.

It’s critical for a business to increase repeat business.  Its the fastest and easiest way to increase revenues and profits. Yet, when I mention CRM to small business owners or sales professionals, their first thoughts or questions nearly always pertain to lead generation or sales process.  Those are important things. But, there is another HUGE and critically IMPORTANT function that your CRM system should be leveraged to do. It should be leveraged to enable, enforce, and manage a process I call the Customer Development process.

A high percentage of CRM implementations fail to produce the results and/or ROI intended and/or envisioned by the businesses that implement them.

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